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Grid View Templates In Asp Net. For example, by placing a dropdownlist control in a gridview column, users will be able to select a list of options from within the gridview control interface. Edittemplate is the field you see when you edit.

GridView going out of page Stack Overflow
GridView going out of page Stack Overflow from

From the templates list, chose the “web forms” template, then click “ok” to proceed. Now right on the gridview to edit these templates. Here i will be starting directly with the design part (i am skipping the coding part of how to fill data in gridview.) i will only sharing the css code to design gridview control.

Use Properties On The Page To Determine If You Want To Show The Label Or The Link.

Put a bottom your page and in this bottom create a for cycle that load all gridview rows and search for template column you created. In a gridview, there are five template views. Select the templatefield from available field and click on add button.

If You Know Css Then You Could Design Many & Well.

From the gridview's smart tag choose to add a new objectdatasource control that invokes the employeesbll class's getemployees () method. Provide the header text according to application need or left it blank and click ok. Entire gridview presentation can be done by one behind the aspx code.

Now Bind These Controls With Data Column Name.

A template is a set of html elements and web controls that define the layout for elements within a control (for example, a column header). But if you want any other template for ur gridview, you can do so by css, some css are available online and if can create your own. Itemtemplate, alternatingitemtemplate, edittemplate, headertemplate, footertemplate.

Click On Smart Tag And Then Auto Format Option.

You have already got many templates in gridview which are in built. We display controls in a gridview column to provide additional functionality in the user interface. In this post i will sharing some good css style for the gridview control.

In This Article I Will Explain How To Dynamically Add Boundfield And Templatefield Column To Gridview In Using C# And

Item and alternatingitem deal with the center block and allow you to alternate cell fill colors for ease of readibility. There is actually a simple and automated way to do it. Fin the textbox a write this to dataset.

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